Fat Pat’s BBQ serves traditional Texas-Style BBQ right here in the heart of the Upper Midwest. Fat Pat’s started in 2017 in Spring Grove MN, however owner Patrick Longmire, Jr. has been honing in on his smoking BBQ craft since 2015. His knowledge and skill was obtained and perfected in the heart of the barbeque state: TEXAS!

With Jon Wolfe at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX.

Playing bass with Jon Wolfe at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX

How It Started

Patrick grew up in Spring Grove, MN. The son of the owner and founder of Red’s IGA, Patrick was bagging groceries and helping his dad process meats before he started kindergarten. He moved to Texas in 2010 as an aspiring musician hoping to make it in the competitive live-music business. After only a few months of living in Austin, he was playing and traveling all over the state of Texas, the U.S., and the world.

Being in a country music band had many perks, one of those being fed BBQ at a number of venues and festivals. This is where Patrick was really able to experience true Texas-Style barbecue. But after several years of living, traveling and eating BBQ all around Texas, Patrick knew it was time to spend more quality time at home with his growing family.

After six years in Texas, Patrick set out to take his favorite hobby and turn it into what is now Fat Pat’s BBQ. He is back in the upper Midwest, operating out of and living in Spring Grove with his wife and two young children.

Did You Know?

Central Texas barbeque is made up of simple ingredients and cooked over low heat for many hours. This process brings out the natural flavors of the meat.

At a typical Central Texas pit barbecue restaurant, the customer takes a tray cafeteria style and is served by a butcher who carves the meat by weight, side dishes and desserts are then picked up along the line with sliced white bread, pickles, sliced onion, and jalapeno. Barbecue meats are commonly sold by the pound. The emphasis of Central Texas pit barbecue is on the meat; if sauce is available, it is usually considered a side dip for wetting purposes.

Traditional Texas-Style barbeque started in grocery stores and meat markets just like Red’s!

Our Mission

Our goal is to serve you the unique flavor of Texas-Style BBQ and provide an experience that you truly would only find in Texas…until now!